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The Fertility Medication Centre was created as a socially responsible and ethical organisation which believes that every patient undergoing fertility treatment should be able to obtain the medication for their fertility treatment at an affordable price and thereby making it more accessible.

Eddie Kuan, CEO of The Fertility Medication Centre with over 25 years of experience working at senior executive positions in large fertility clinics is passionate about achieving this objective and states

“We understand the cost of fertility treatment can be a substantial financial commitment with the medication alone costing up to a further two thirds of the basic IVF Cycle prices advertised by Fertility Clinics and therefore representing 40% of the overall total cost for an IVF Cycle-According to the NICE website it takes on average 3 Cycles to successfully conceive and the costs and Debt steadily mount up on each Cycle. But this doesn’t need to be the case and TFMC can help and show you the way to saving up to 25% off your Fertility Medication costs per Cycle “

To this end The Fertility Foundation are delighted to be partnering with The Fertility Medication Centre who are providing the Fertility medication for our Fertility Journey 2021 for free. TFMC have also joined forces with The Fertility Foundation and are trying to educate Patients to always ask for a private prescription from your Clinic as they say you will always save hundreds of pounds per cycle and will never lose. But how do you go about making these savings ?

Its Simple…. TFMC say Patients are often overcome by the stress and anxiety caused by the IVF process especially if it is their first Cycle. However all you need to do is to ask your Clinic for a private prescription for your medication and get them to post AND email it you. Then simply upload the email prescription to our Site and within an hour get your no obligation quote and save up to 25% against normal Clinic prices. It is as simple as that and you will see the great savings you can make compared to the prices quoted by the Private Clinics.

Eddie Kuan says “ In this busy world let us help you save time and hundreds of pounds per cycle by using our “One-Stop “ Fertility Medication Centre which will cater for all your medication needs on your Journey to Success. Help The Fertility Medication Centre to help You by uploading your Prescription for a no obligation quote so you can save money that you can then spend on your new Family…what have you got to lose ? Try us once and you will never look back. “

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