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The Fertility Foundation is the national fertility charity proving support and IVF funding to low-income couples and individuals in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We are a run self-funded fertility charity that doesn’t received any regular public funds.

We understand the assistance needed on an individual’s fertility journey is as unique as they are. We setup The Fertility Foundation based on our overwhelming desire to help as many people as we can to start their family.

With the NHS funding cuts showing no signs of stopping we are creating a fund to provide financial assistant to individuals and couples who are struggling to afford treatment.

Applications for a one-time financial fertility grant will be considered by our trustees and medical team.

Our Trustees

Tone Jarvis

Tone Jarvis-Mack

Chief executive


PJ Jarvis Mack

deputy CEO

Advisory Board


Russell Davis

Russell Davis, is a compassionate and intuitive fertility Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, author and speaker with personal experience of infertility from pretty much every angle (resulting in success against all odds.).

Russell removes psychological blocks to getting pregnant and has helped hundreds of couples all over the world create their family. Russell believes too many couples go through treatment unnecessarily, and the success rate of treatment is unnecessarily low because the mind is not treated. Russell is a compassionate, intuitive and highly effective therapeutic coach whose loving presence changes lives.


PJ Jarvis Mack

deputy CEO

I Want A Baby Commerical

In 2023 we worked with film maker Alexander Beer to create an IVF commercial .

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