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Assistant Shop Manager - Waltham Cross

Job Title:                              Assistant Shop Manager

Accountable to:                  Chief Executive

Responsible to:                  Shop Manager

Reporting to:                       Shop Manager

Employed by:                      The Fertility Trading Company Ltd

Liases with:                         Hoddesdon Staff 

Overall Aim

To work alongside the Shop Manager of the The Fertility Foundation Shop, to ensure the maximum revenue potential and to ensure that it reflects the image and reputation of The Fertility Foundation.  In the absence of the Shop Manager, to be responsible for the overall management of the shop.

To work alongside or provide cover for other hospice shops or at the Distribution Centre, as required.

1.         Management

The post holder shall: –

1.1      assist with the management of the volunteers working within the shops

1.2      liaise with the shop managers to ensure effective communication

1.3      work alongside other hospice shop managers, or within the distribution centre, to provide additional support as required

1.4      to work alone and unsupervised at times looking after own safety and wellbeing as well as that of volunteers, donors and customers to ensure maximum trading times are met

 2. Customer Service

The postholder shall support the Shop Managers to: –

2.1      ensure that customer service is delivered in a professional manner, in keeping with the philosophy and public image of The Fertility Foundation.

2.2      ensure that the shops provide a welcoming environment for customers and donors. 

3.         Income Generation

The postholder shall: –

3.1      ensure that the stock within the shops and windows is attractively displayed and changed if appropriate to encourage sales, as delegated by the Shop Managers.

3.2      ensure that the stock within the shops is rotated and priced consistent with the standards set by the managers.

      3.3      liaise with fundraising – promoting events, seasonal collection boxes and fundraising/lottery initiatives, as delegated by the Shop Managers.

3.4      ensure safe handling and recording of takings and adherence to banking procedures.

4.         Health and Safety

The post holder shall support the Shop Managers to: –

4.1      ensure that the shop provides a safe and secure environment for all who work, visit and shop there.

4.2      ensure that all incidents/accidents are reported and documented.

4.3      ensure in conjunction with the shop managers that all shop volunteers are conversant with safe moving and handling techniques.

The post holder will:-

4.4      attend all mandatory training, including moving and handling techniques, to ensure volunteers and staff follow safe working practices and comply with Health and Safety at Work regulations

4.5      be aware of responsibilities in the event of fire

5. Education

The post holder shall: –

5.1           Participate in induction programmes for new members of the team

5.2           Ensure that standard setting and audit is undertaken and regularly reviewed

5.2           Participate in appropriate internal and external educational programmes

6. Additional responsibilities

 6.1           There is a requirement to comply with all the Hospice policies, procedures and guidelines, including those relating to Health & Safety, confidentiality and the Data Protection Act, as required by Information Governance 

6.2           Each member of the hospice team has a responsibility to contribute to the clinical governance programme

6.3           Each team member to take appropriate action to maintain the highest level of infection prevention and control.

7. Purpose and core values           

7.1           All Hospice staff are expected to work in line with The Fertility Foundation Care Purpose and Core Values as these act as a value base which directly influences how all work activities are undertaken.  The ethos of the Hospice should be apparent in the behaviours and attitudes of all employees as the work they undertake, whether it is direct or indirect care, is ultimately for the benefit of patients.  The Purpose and Core Values are an integral part of all job descriptions, recruitment, the probationary period and performance and development reviews.

8. Additional information

8.1           The post holder is expected to work weekends and evenings as required and will receive TOIL (Time off in Lieu) in return, as long as additional working hours are pre-agreed with the Director of Income Generation.

8.2           This job description sets out the key tasks and responsibilities. It is not intended to be comprehensive. It is essential that it should be regarded with a degree of flexibility so that the changing needs of the organisation can be met.

8.3           This job description will be reviewed with the post holder annually as part of the appraisal process.  Any proposed amendments will be with the agreement of the appropriate member of the Senior Leadership Team.

“team” refers to all members of staff including volunteers

If you would like to apply email with a covering letter and your CV.

If you would like to apply email with a covering letter and your CV.

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