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IVF Grant Application

Before making an application be advised of the following:

  • Grants in the region of £3,500 – £5,000
  • Our grants cover the medication part of IVF treatment and we do not cover medication costs
  • We do not cover medical revisions

Grant criteria can be found here.

This application is to gather information about you. We then create a shortlist of applicants and request further information including medical history if necessary for our doctors to evaluate

We also request financial information and require proof that you have money to cover the full treatment.

Who Is Eligible For A Grant?

  • You must be a UK citizen to receive a grant
  • Couples and individuals can apply for a grant
  • Heterosexual and same sex couples can apply
  • We will accept applications up the age of 43, however this will depend on the type of fertility treatment and the clinic
  • If you have you been refused NHS funded fertility treatment from your local CCG.
As of June 2022 our grants are closed but you can submit your information to added to the list when we re-open them later in the year.
You have to be a UK citizens to be able to access funding.
Please enter an approx amount. If you do not know enter 0
We pay the clinic directly however our grants may not cover the full amount of your treatment which you will need to pay.