About Us

Who We Are

We are a UK fertility charity helping people in need of financial support start their families.

We are committed helping people achieve their dreams of having a family.

The Fertility Foundation is a registered fertility charity in the UK which provides IVF Grants and support for anyone affected by infertility.

We are an independent family run charity which aims to provide support and help to individuals and couples with advice, information and ultimately, practical assistance in accessing fertility treatment.

We understand the assistance needed on an individuals journey is as unique as they are. We setup The Fertility Foundation based on our overwhelming desire to help as many people as we can to either start or extend their family.

With the NHS funding cuts showing no signs of stopping we are creating a fund to provide financial assistant to individuals and couples who are struggling to afford treatment.

Applications for a one-time financial fertility grant will be considered by our trustees. From finding a sperm or an egg donor to the challenges of our outdated legal system surrounding surrogacy same-sex couples and individuals also struggle with the same challenges of infertility. We are more than a charity that provides IVF funding as we run educational events across the UK. 

Our Mission & Vision.

Meet Our Fertility Hero

In 2018 we held our Hope Ball to raise money and awareness for our charity.  We also awarded Jessica Helpburn with the Fertility Hero award for her hard work and dedication to in the IVF community

Our Mission & Vision.

What makes us different?

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Safe havens for support

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Good that grows

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Customized programs

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Meet the team

PJ & Tone Jarvis-Mack

Director & Co-founders

Tone and PJ have been at the forefront of the IVF community for over a decade helping thousands of couples achieve their dreams of starting a family.

Running the highly successful Fertility Road Magazine to launching their Fertility Journeys Project – The first free global IVF programme working with clinics and fertility specialists from UK to Europe and the United States.

In 2018 they founded The Fertility Foundation – a UK fertility charity helping people who have no access to fertility treatment on the NHS with IVF grants, support and advice on the journey.

To help raise awareness and continue fundraising they opened the first fertility charity shop in 2020. During the height COVID they worked hard to create a hub in the community that sell preloved items to the general public to raise money but also to meet people in Hertfordshire who have gone through IVF.

The charity shop is thriving and has seen them them raise thousands of pounds to help towards their goals of helping people create life.

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